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New Classroom Fund
New Classroom Fund
$0 $12,000
Current Funding: $2160

In 2015, Emmaus School of Biblical Studies relocated from Western North Carolina to Central Florida and our new base at Canterbury Retreat Center. It was at that time that we rebranded as Emmaus Ministries to reflect a growing heart to equip all Christ-followers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Inductive Bible Study and Authentic Relationships. In addition to our School of Biblical Studies, Emmaus now provides Biblical Literacy Seminars for churches, designed to help believers understand and connect to their Bible. Along with this, this past year we launched our new Biblical Narrative Series, which invites people who work during the day to be a student of the Scriptures through this series of evening classes which survey the history and heart of every book of the Bible.

In the midst of all the blessings we have experiencing these last few years, we have lacked a consistent, intentional, set-aside space for us to provide Biblical training, community discipleship, and for the staff to work together in the ongoing development of the ministry. This has lead to a semi-mobile classroom, unpredictable workspace, and limited ability to develop new programs. This is why it is such an exciting time for Emmaus, as Canterbury has now provided us with the opportunity to lease an 800 sq.ft. building, which we can set up as a much needed center for training, discipleship, and ministry development.

Over the month of July we are raising $12,000 which will help cover the cost of leasing this new space for the upcoming year as well as equipping it as an ideal center for training the Church to engage their Bibles and follow Jesus. Please prayerfully consider investing in the life and ministry of Emmaus as we enter this exciting new season here in Central Florida!

Tom Phillips Family 2018.jpg
Greeting Emmaus friends and family. Julia and I are thrilled with what God is doing in and through Emmaus Ministries in Central Florida. Now more than ever, Emmaus needs the support of it’s alumni and friends. Julia and I are committed monthly supporters, and we’re making a lump sum gift to help offset the increase in lease expenses at Canterbury as they set-up this new classroom. I am asking you to join in that effort with us through a special one-time contribution. There is no better way to impact the body of Christ than to send young people into every church equipped with a solid knowledge of the Gospel and God’s word. That is what Emmaus has always been about, and they can’t do it without us. Lets partner with them in this amazing ministry!
— Tom Phillips - Founder of Emmaus Ministries
Announcing Caleb Ives as Executive Director
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We are very pleased to announce that Caleb Ives will be the new Executive Director for Emmaus Ministries, effective April 5, 2018.

Caleb has served on Emmaus Ministries (ESBS) staff team since 2012.  Before serving with Emmaus Ministries, Caleb and his wife, Latoya, were full-time staff at a church in Michigan. In addition, Caleb has taught the Bible internationally for many years. Caleb holds his Emmaus School of Biblical Studies (ESBS) certificate and received an MDiv from Regent Seminary. Caleb is a gifted Pastor, Teacher, Communicator and Leader. Caleb and Latoya have four beautiful girls (Lily, Grace, Maya, & Faith) who keep them busy and bring a lot of joy to their lives. 

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Please join us in welcoming Caleb and his family in the new role as Emmaus' Executive Director.

- Emmaus Ministries Board

A new season for the Phillips Family

One of the great joys of following Jesus is that you can count on surprises along the way.  I never thought, for instance, that our program would leave the mountains of Western North Carolina.  I now see the tremendous fruit of that step of faith:  new friends, new staff, a much wider ministry impact, internships, partnerships with churches.  The ways in which God has blessed this transition to Florida go on and on.  

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.22.21 AM.png

Julia and I are pleased to announce that we are beginning yet another season of transition personally.  And we fully expect the surprises and blessings to continue as we take this next leap of faith!  

Beginning April 1, I’ll resign my position at Emmaus and become the pastor of the local Episcopal church here in Oviedo.  In fact, the church (Church of the Incarnation) meets on the same campus that is home to Emmaus!

Although I’m sad to see my time with Emmaus officially come to an end, I’m thrilled that I won’t be going far.  My office is literally moving to the building next door!  I’m also thrilled to see Emmaus carry on strongly without me.  With solid leadership, excited students, and fruitful ministry, I fully expect Emmaus to continue to grow and flourish.

As Julia and I end our time at Emmaus, we are also grateful for the friendships God has cultivated along the journey.  We could not have sustained these 11 years at Emmaus without our friends, financial support team, and family.  Thank you all so much!

In Christ,


Hello Emmaus Friends

Since 2006 the core of Emmaus Ministries has centered around our 10-month residential Bible School (the School of Biblical Studies).  We’re so grateful for all the people God has transformed through this program, and we’re grateful for all of those who have labored and given to make the program a reality.  After 10 incredible schools, we’ve discerned that God is asking Emmaus to redesign this core program.  We’ve now crafted a similar school, but one offered in a more accessible format!

Our new School of Biblical Studies will be a part-time school, requiring 20 hours of weekly participation, instead of the 40+ hrs our former program required.  Students will have the option to live in residence, but they can now also commute to our campus.  Additionally, students will have the option to participate in a 10-15 hr/wk paid internship with a local church partner.  The program is still 10 months long, and still takes students through the content of the entire Bible using the Inductive Study Method.  The new program simply asks less of a student outside of the classroom, replacing some of the study time with an internship or local job.  This change makes a year at Emmaus much more accessible.  Additionally, any Emmaus student with an undergraduate degree may now also enroll at Asbury Seminary and receive a significant scholarship through our new Emmaus/Asbury partnership, making Emmaus more attractive to those interested in a seminary education.   


Our new School is accepting applications now for a soft launch in January 2018, with our typical year-long school beginning August 2018.  We’re excited about the new direction we’re headed, and we know it will present a greater opportunity for more students to encounter God through this life changing curriculum and community.


Tom Phillips

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Our New Website

If it isn't obvious our new website is here! In addition to the new site we've also updated our payment and donation system. We now use Stripe to process all future payments. This change will hopefully reduce some costs on our end, helping your dollar go further at Emmaus as well as simplify donations going forward. If you've setup a recurring payments in the past nothing will change for now. If you would

We want to be upfront what the best way to give are. Using Visa/Mastercard/Discover is the easiest way to give and you can even setup recurring payments. Bank issued checks are also a great way to give (Ask your bank more about how to do this). We accept American Express but we encourage the other options as this is the most expensive card to process. But don't worry we cover all processing fees. This is just our way to arm you with the best information to support the ministry!

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