A new season for the Phillips Family

One of the great joys of following Jesus is that you can count on surprises along the way.  I never thought, for instance, that our program would leave the mountains of Western North Carolina.  I now see the tremendous fruit of that step of faith:  new friends, new staff, a much wider ministry impact, internships, partnerships with churches.  The ways in which God has blessed this transition to Florida go on and on.  

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.22.21 AM.png

Julia and I are pleased to announce that we are beginning yet another season of transition personally.  And we fully expect the surprises and blessings to continue as we take this next leap of faith!  

Beginning April 1, I’ll resign my position at Emmaus and become the pastor of the local Episcopal church here in Oviedo.  In fact, the church (Church of the Incarnation) meets on the same campus that is home to Emmaus!

Although I’m sad to see my time with Emmaus officially come to an end, I’m thrilled that I won’t be going far.  My office is literally moving to the building next door!  I’m also thrilled to see Emmaus carry on strongly without me.  With solid leadership, excited students, and fruitful ministry, I fully expect Emmaus to continue to grow and flourish.

As Julia and I end our time at Emmaus, we are also grateful for the friendships God has cultivated along the journey.  We could not have sustained these 11 years at Emmaus without our friends, financial support team, and family.  Thank you all so much!

In Christ,