Friends and Partners,

It is such an exciting time at Emmaus as God has blessed our staff with the addition of TWO incredible staff.


First of all, Kristi Marsh has arrived on our campus! As you know, Kristi has been hard at work through the fall raising support in her home state of Tennessee. We moved her into her apartment the first week of January and she officially joined our ministry staff. We are so thrilled to have her on the team and she’s already begun to influence with her heart for community, discipleship, service and study. Please be praying for her as she prepares to teach her first ever book with our School, Ephesians, at the end of February.

Secondly, we are thrilled to announce that Morgan Phaneuf, a student from last years School of Biblical Studies is joining our staff team! One of the great joys of this past year has been the way Morgan has embraced the transformative work of the Scriptures in her life, and that transformation brought with it a passion and vision for equipping all Christ-followers to be confident in engaging their Bible. Please join us in welcoming Morgan, her husband Justin, and their children Drake and Tannis, to the Emmaus team! Also, be praying for Morgan as she is currently working on support raising and preparing to teach her first book with our School, Colossians, in March!

Thank you for your continued support through prayer and finances as we, as a community of missionaries, seek to equip the body of Christ with the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ from here in Central Florida.

Thank you,

The Emmaus Team

Emmaus Ministries Staff
Merry Christmas from Emmaus!

Friends and Partners,

Merry Christmas from our family to yours as we celebrate the “good news of great joy” that has come for all of us in the God who put on flesh and dwelt among us. We just concluded the Old Testament and it was such a great time to enter this season of Advent, as we celebrate the longing satisfied in the birth of Jesus and also the hope anchored in His future coming to restore all things.

There is also something about the end of the year that causes us to reflect on the year that is coming to a close, and here at Emmaus, it’s amazing to think about all that has changed:

  • Caleb became the new Executive Director

  • Jacob, Samantha, Stephen and Lizzie staffed their first Emmaus School

  • The redesigned School of Biblical Studies welcomed it’s first class

  • We launched our brand new Biblical Narrative Series

  • Jacob & Samantha added baby Benaiah to the community!

  • Trey & Lizzie welcomed little Teddy to their family and ours!

  • Stephen got engaged to the amazing Lauren! (wedding in January)

And now as we head into 2019, we have the VERY EXCITING addition of Kristi Marsh to our staff in January! Kristi is bringing a gift of teaching, a rich background of theological education, and a passion for engaging the Church in Biblical training. We can’t wait for her arrival! Check out her bio on our Staff page.

Honestly, even while I write this, it feels a little overwhelming to take it all in! What an incredible year marked by change, by challenge, by hope, and most of all, by the faithfulness of Immanuel, the God who is always and forever WITH us.

As we conclude 2018, we wanted to say thank you to all of those who have been a part of the story of Emmaus over the years. Thank you for your prayers and your partnership as, year after year, the experience of the Emmaus road happens in the lives of followers of our wonderful Jesus:

“Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

We sat down with a few of our students so they could share with you some their discoveries along their Emmaus road so far this year


As you can see, God continues to do incredible things in the hearts of people as they come face to face with the character of God and the beauty of the Gospel within the pages of the Scriptures. This wouldn’t be possible without our sacrificial, faithful team of missionaries. If you are one of their donors, THANK YOU! Your investment is discipling students, teaching book after book of the Scriptures, and impacting countless Christ-followers in local churches through the creation and implementation of new programs!

As we come to the end of the year, consider investing in the mission of Emmaus as we seek to equip the body of Christ with the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Two tangible ways to do this:


We currently have a goal of $5000 in general fund contributions to utilize in the program creation, operation, and marketing

All of our staff are ongoing in their support-raising. Consider investing in one of them as a one-time gift or a 2019 partnership.



Thank you again, for being a part of the story of Emmaus. A story of lives revolutionized by the power of the Gospel…past, present, and future. We pray you that in this season, you enjoy the presence of Immanuel, The God who is always with us.

Merry Christmas,

The Emmaus Team

Caleb Ives
Announcing Caleb Ives as Executive Director
Staff Square - Ives 2018.jpg

We are very pleased to announce that Caleb Ives will be the new Executive Director for Emmaus Ministries, effective April 5, 2018.

Caleb has served on Emmaus Ministries (ESBS) staff team since 2012.  Before serving with Emmaus Ministries, Caleb and his wife, Latoya, were full-time staff at a church in Michigan. In addition, Caleb has taught the Bible internationally for many years. Caleb holds his Emmaus School of Biblical Studies (ESBS) certificate and received an MDiv from Regent Seminary. Caleb is a gifted Pastor, Teacher, Communicator and Leader. Caleb and Latoya have four beautiful girls (Lily, Grace, Maya, & Faith) who keep them busy and bring a lot of joy to their lives. 

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Please join us in welcoming Caleb and his family in the new role as Emmaus' Executive Director.

- Emmaus Ministries Board

A new season for the Phillips Family

One of the great joys of following Jesus is that you can count on surprises along the way.  I never thought, for instance, that our program would leave the mountains of Western North Carolina.  I now see the tremendous fruit of that step of faith:  new friends, new staff, a much wider ministry impact, internships, partnerships with churches.  The ways in which God has blessed this transition to Florida go on and on.  

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.22.21 AM.png

Julia and I are pleased to announce that we are beginning yet another season of transition personally.  And we fully expect the surprises and blessings to continue as we take this next leap of faith!  

Beginning April 1, I’ll resign my position at Emmaus and become the pastor of the local Episcopal church here in Oviedo.  In fact, the church (Church of the Incarnation) meets on the same campus that is home to Emmaus!

Although I’m sad to see my time with Emmaus officially come to an end, I’m thrilled that I won’t be going far.  My office is literally moving to the building next door!  I’m also thrilled to see Emmaus carry on strongly without me.  With solid leadership, excited students, and fruitful ministry, I fully expect Emmaus to continue to grow and flourish.

As Julia and I end our time at Emmaus, we are also grateful for the friendships God has cultivated along the journey.  We could not have sustained these 11 years at Emmaus without our friends, financial support team, and family.  Thank you all so much!

In Christ,