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Equipping all people to engage the Bible is at the heart of Emmaus Ministries. Whether you’re interested in our School of Biblical Studies, Biblical Narrative Series, or Biblical Literacy Seminars
you are invited to be a student of the Bible.




School of Biblical Studies

The Emmaus School of Biblical Studies is a residential discipleship school taking students through the content of the entire Bible in ten months. Students learn to observe, interpret, and apply the Bible using the Inductive study method, utilizing historical and literary context. If you want to know your entire Bible, and spend 10 months in a Gospel-centered community that will challenge you to follow Jesus, then join us for our Emmaus journey through the pages of the Bible! On-campus housing is available for students desiring  an immersive and communal experience. Along with participation in the School of Biblical Studies, students have the opportunity to pursue a seminary education or an internship in a local church through our ministry partnerships. Want to know more about the school? How do we study? What does a year look like? Start your Journey here.

Biblical Narrative Series

The Biblical Narrative Series takes participants on a journey through the Bible alongside our biblical studies students.  This monthly series tells the story of the Bible through ten evening lectures which provide an overview for understanding the Bible as a whole.  These lectures will also explore the themes & setting of the books which make up each part of the story.  The Biblical Narrative Series is designed to be open to the public and accessible to all types of learners.  No experience or outside assignments required.

Biblical Literacy Seminars

Emmaus Ministries desires to see the hearts of all-believers captivated with the unveiled scriptures as they learn to; in the words of Proper 28: “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them.” We desire to equip the whole Body of Christ with the word of God through teaching & training seminars and retreats for churches, small groups, and any group who seeks to know their Bible. Want to know more about our seminars & retreats? How do we study? What does a seminar look like? Start your Journey here.


About Emmaus

Our Name

The name Emmaus Ministries comes from the Emmaus Road story found in Luke 24:13-35. In this story, two downcast travelers on the road to Emmaus are discussing Jesus’ recent crucifixion and death when they encounter the resurrected Jesus. The travelers’ eyes are opened as Jesus explains “what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself .” Jesus reveals Himself to these travelers and their hearts burn within them as they begin to understand who Jesus really is.  In the same way, the Emmaus Ministries exists to bring students face to face with Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible. 

Our Mission

Emmaus Ministries exists to equip the Body of Christ with the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Inductive Bible Study, Authentic Relationships, and Community Life.


Find us at our Orlando Campus.

1601 Alayfaya Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765



This is an absolutely fantastic school for a equally fantastic value. If you ever wanted to know your Bible better, this is worth checking out.
— Eric Frid | student 2014-15
This school is incredible! It will completely change your view of the bible, and make you realize that God is faithful, loving, trustworthy, and fighting with you and for you. The best thing you can do with 9 months of your life!
— Tricia Dougan | student 2013-14
My SBS training has been incredibly helpful to me in my work as a church planter. Whether it be preparing a teaching for a small house church, or a sermon for a more established church or mentoring a believer, or going out to share the Gospel with non-believers, or hanging out with my neighbors, or just simply having a team meeting with my co-workers or having my own personal quiet time I use my training from SBS ALL the time.
— Beth | Missionary with OMF International