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Announcing Caleb Ives as Executive Director
Staff Square - Ives 2018.jpg

We are very pleased to announce that Caleb Ives will be the new Executive Director for Emmaus Ministries, effective April 5, 2018.

Caleb has served on Emmaus Ministries (ESBS) staff team since 2012.  Before serving with Emmaus Ministries, Caleb and his wife, Latoya, were full-time staff at a church in Michigan. In addition, Caleb has taught the Bible internationally for many years. Caleb holds his Emmaus School of Biblical Studies (ESBS) certificate and received an MDiv from Regent Seminary. Caleb is a gifted Pastor, Teacher, Communicator and Leader. Caleb and Latoya have four beautiful girls (Lily, Grace, Maya, & Faith) who keep them busy and bring a lot of joy to their lives. 

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Lilly, Grace, Maya, Faith

Please join us in welcoming Caleb and his family in the new role as Emmaus' Executive Director.

- Emmaus Ministries Board

Hello Emmaus Friends

Since 2006 the core of Emmaus Ministries has centered around our 10-month residential Bible School (the School of Biblical Studies).  We’re so grateful for all the people God has transformed through this program, and we’re grateful for all of those who have labored and given to make the program a reality.  After 10 incredible schools, we’ve discerned that God is asking Emmaus to redesign this core program.  We’ve now crafted a similar school, but one offered in a more accessible format!

Our new School of Biblical Studies will be a part-time school, requiring 20 hours of weekly participation, instead of the 40+ hrs our former program required.  Students will have the option to live in residence, but they can now also commute to our campus.  Additionally, students will have the option to participate in a 10-15 hr/wk paid internship with a local church partner.  The program is still 10 months long, and still takes students through the content of the entire Bible using the Inductive Study Method.  The new program simply asks less of a student outside of the classroom, replacing some of the study time with an internship or local job.  This change makes a year at Emmaus much more accessible.  Additionally, any Emmaus student with an undergraduate degree may now also enroll at Asbury Seminary and receive a significant scholarship through our new Emmaus/Asbury partnership, making Emmaus more attractive to those interested in a seminary education.   


Our new School is accepting applications now for a soft launch in January 2018, with our typical year-long school beginning August 2018.  We’re excited about the new direction we’re headed, and we know it will present a greater opportunity for more students to encounter God through this life changing curriculum and community.


Tom Phillips

Follow us on Facebook and be on the look out for our BIG Facebook post Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017! We will be sharing information on our NEW School of Biblical Studies, Biblical Narrative Series, and Biblical Literacy Program.

Room Renovations
Most of the time being on staff with Emmaus means teaching, grading, and maybe cooking or having a one-on-one with a student. It's full of awesome things and the only reason you would ever do it (in our minds at least) is because you feel called by God, and you love it!

But sometimes being on staff with Emmaus means doing things that aren't in the job description.

The last two weeks we have begun renovating the five rooms that we will be using for this coming fall. By the end of next week 4/5 of the rooms will be complete! We tore out the carpet, scraped the floors, painted the room, and put down brand new flooring and trim! 

Take a look!

Before renovations began

It's not every day you get to rip stuff...especially carpet...

Scraping up excess carpet glue...stuff...

Painting, painting, painting...

Caleb putting down matting for the floor

Tom Roberts putting in our new wood flooring for us!

Tom: "This is how it's going to work from now on..."
Trey: "Good deal..."

A special thanks to Kelly for getting us a GREAT deal on the flooring!

Here's the was a little limited at the time so we had to get creative with where to paint it...

The bad news? We all got a little grumpy throughout the process. Props to Caleb for sticking it out with a migraine one day!
The good news? Nobody died either by accident or by the hands of a fellow staff member...

Just kidding! But seriously, the rooms are looking fantastic and we couldn't have done any of it without Tom Roberts! 

We are so excited at the prospect of filling these rooms with new students this August! We will post more pictures of the finished rooms once the new bunk beds are in place!

*Note: If you would like to give to our general fund to help us pay for these gorgeous rooms our students will live in, please visit our website here:

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The Joy of a Teacher
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."
- 3 John 1:4 -

In 3 John, the apostle John was writing to a man named Gaius. He was writing to him because Gaius was having trouble with some other men in his congregation and he needed encouragement and instruction on what to do. What was John's encouragement? He was rejoicing over Gaius, rejoicing because Gaius knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he was living it out, holding fast to what he knew was the truth.

John's greatest joy was to hear from other Christians that Gaius was living out his faith, diligently continuing in what John had taught him.

One of the greatest joys you can ever have as a teacher is to hear that your students are doing well, pursuing what they love with a passion, and continuing in what you taught them. At Emmaus we feel this all the time. We get phone calls from students who are leading Bible studies in their churches, going to the mission field, and reaching out to at-risk-youth. We see facebook posts and twitter feeds that tell us our students are passing on what they've learned here at Emmaus, and they're living lives that glorify God in all that they do.

Just recently one of our students from last year, Eric Frid, decided to memorize the book of Galatians. There are no words to describe how excited this makes us as a staff! Not because memorizing Galatians makes him any more spiritual than the next person (after all, isn't that the entire message of Galatians? Salvation and acceptance through Jesus, not works?!), but because it's an intentional attempt of Eric's to stay rooted in God's Word and to allow it to sink deep into his heart and mind. And when the Word sinks deep, it transforms us.

A year at Emmaus can change your life. You get into a habit of studying and wrestling with God's Word. You grow in your relationship with Christ because the Bible starts to point out which mindsets and habits are good and godly and which ones need work. It's hard to get away with not doing your work and not spending personal time with the Lord outside of your study time. You are dropped fully and completely into the vat of the Bible. You learn a little bit more of what it means to depend on the Holy Spirit for wisdom, guidance, and perseverance.

But leaving can be extremely hard. You don't have the same accountability you once had. You don't have to get up and study God's Word. It gradually becomes easy to forget all that you've learned, to fall back into old habits, and to let Netflix do it's thing.

Eric used to be an atheist, lost in drugs and sin. But God is a good God. He is a God who chooses to save us because He loves us, not because we're worthy. And He chose to save Eric and his wife, Amber.

In coming to Emmaus, Eric (and the other students as well) chose to fight a battle. It's the battle of getting to know God's Word. It's the battle of early mornings and late nights and more information than you feel you can handle. It's the battle of taking baby steps towards living the way God calls us to live. It's a battle of discipline.
In leaving Emmaus, Eric has faced the war of continuing to learn his Bible and live it out in a world that daily rejects the God who created it. Eric desires to love God, to love his wife and children, and become, daily, more of the man he knows God created him to be. And memorizing the book of Galatians is playing a part in all of that.

And it gives us all no greater joy than to hear that our students, like Eric, are walking in the truth. We are so extremely proud of all of them. We're thankful and we rejoice every time we hear or see them making the intentional choice to be transformed by God's Word. It reminds us of how powerful God's Word is, how it can take who we once were and make us into someone entirely different, and how important it is for us to keep reaching out and showing others His Word as well.

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