catching up with Luke and Kristy

Luke and Kristy Fears, 2010
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Yes there is life after fact thats kinda' the whole point of the school isn't it.  Take a minute and read about what Luke and Kristy Fears (2010) have been up's neato!

After graduating from the 2010 class, Luke and Kristy spent a year teaching English at a language academy in South Korea. While there, Kristy volunteered as the worship leader and Luke taught regularly on Sundays for the English speaking church community in Mokpo, South Korea. Their boss also requested them to lead a Bible study at their workplace. While in Korea, ministering opportunities seemed to just fall in their laps, and they all proved to be great situations to teach and put into practice what they learned at the Emmaus School of Biblical Studies. 

Following their time in Korea, they moved to South Africa to attend a Church planting school put on by All Nations. The All Nations ministry's mission statement is: "We want to see Jesus worshipped by all peoples on earth, starting with those we are in relationship with here and now." During their time in South Africa, Kristy and Luke spent 3 months in Cape Town ministering on the University of Cape Town campus and attending lectures put on by church planters. They then moved to Mangochi, Malawi, for 2 months to assist a long term church planting team of local Malawians start Bible studies in the community. While they were in Africa, Jesus' parting words really came alive to them.

They have just recently returned to the States with renewed vision and passion for making disciples. They now plan to...obey God, which is another way of saying they don't know what they are going to do. : )
They are waiting to hear where God is directing them next.