The ESBS family

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ESBS staff and families on the new ski boat

Today we begin our 7th ESBS staff training, and my heart is full of thankfulness as I think back through 6 years of God's goodness to us in lake lure.

Yesterday the ESBS staff were out on the lake enjoying the camp's new mastercraft ski boat, and I couldn't help but notice that the adults were outnumbered by the kids, 6 of whom were not even born when the ESBS began in 2006.

Program, schedules and business aside, its awesome to see the ESBS family growing up one kid at a time.  Currently there are 10 staff children living alongside the ESBS community all year long, and I can't tell you how cool it is to hear the sounds of a full playground at camp lurecrest when just a few years ago the squirrels had exclusive rights to the property over the winter months.  I for one am happy to be preparing to take another group of students on this amazing journey through the Bible, and I'm overjoyed to be doing it surrounded by our 10 little reminders of God's goodness.