Caleb Ives joins ESBS staff

The Ives family
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We're pleased to announce that Caleb Ives will be joining the ESBS staff beginning this fall.  Caleb was an ESBS student in 2011-12 and will be on staff part-time with the ESBS while he finishes his MDiv. and Regent Seminary (virginia beach).  Caleb, Latoya and their three girls (Lilly, Grace, Maya) will be living in the "White House" across the street from the campus.

Before coming to the ESBS Caleb and Latoya were on full-time staff at a church in Michigan.  Caleb is a great worship leader, a solid communicator and a real people-person.  He's a super addition to our staff.

I can say with no reservations that the ESBS staff team we've got this fall would be the envy of any HR department.  These folks are all-stars.  We're poised to have an incredible year.