Summer time...

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Summer is here, and once again we've packed the ESBS stuff into storage for the next 8 weeks and summer camp has spun to life on campus.

It's been neat to see Dave Butts (assistant camp director/former ESBS student) and his wife Cheryl Anne (summer program director/current ESBS staff) lead a seamless transition on campus into the summer program.  Todd (ESBS staff) has also found his groove on summer staff and is gearing up to speak this week for our first summer session.  I'm on my way to the beach tomorrow and will be preparing to speak for two sessions at camp this summer (teen camp and middle camp).

Looking forward to the fall we have 7 students accepted with two more currently in the application process.  Continue to pray that God puts just the right group together for August, as this is still very much prime time for students to apply.  We're excited to get some well deserved rest and then begin another amazing journey through the Bible.

IMPORTANT PRAYER POINT:  We have one student who is beginning the application process to receive an entry visa from Benin Africa.  Because the ESBS is not accredited, students can't come in on a typical student visa.  International students apply to come on a B-1 participant visa, which is typically a 6 month visa.  Pray with us that his visa process goes smoothly and that he is awarded the participant (b-1) visa for the full 10 months!