Upcoming special lecture

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Well everyone is back from a great Christmas break and we're two days into our journey through the old testament.  We have an exciting quarter ahead, I think everyone is fired up to dive into the rest of the Bible.

One exciting invitation to present to you:  We have an entire week of lectures on Biblical archaeology and the peoples and places of the OT world coming up in February with David Hansen, an expert on Biblical geography and military affairs.  He's an amazing lecturer and his talks are the product of years of study.  During his stay he'll be giving a special evening lecture on Feb 7th on "The Exodus Route at the Red Sea: Evidence that Suggests a Possible Solution".  Come on out at 7 pm if you can, it should be a fun evening.  Check out his bio below, and be sure to download the audio files from his upcoming lecture series.

Colonel David G. Hansen (Ret.) served in the US Army for thirty-five years. He taught at the US Army War College for nine years where he was chairman of the Department of National Security and Strategy and a tenured professor. He left active military service with four academic degrees in geography and international relations. He then taught at Penn State University for eight years while finishing a Ph.D. in biblical studies. He has lived in Europe and Asia; travelled, taught and lectured extensively in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Middle East where he also has participated in archaeological expeditions; published over 32 articles in several journals about the impact of geography and military affairs in the Bible; written chapters in three books, authored one book (In Their Sandals, Xulon Press, 2008) and co-authored five. David’s 2009 co-authored book, A Visual Guide to Bible Events (Baker Books) was one of five finalists for the 2010 Christian Evangelical Publishers Association (ECPA) Book Award in the “Bible Reference and Study” category. His latest co-authored book, A Visual Guide to Gospel Events (Baker Books) was released in September 2010 and it, too, was a finalist in the 2011 ECPA Book Award. He was President of the Associates for Biblical Research for seven years and is now an Associate with over 30 man-years serving on various boards of nonprofit organizations.