Done with the New Testament...

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We just finished the New Testament...and the students are off on Christmas break, heading all across the country today, back to the places from which they came (Texas, Hawaii, Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Ontario, Illinois, all over North Carolina).  

It's always weird for me to think about the scattering that happens at breaks...I walk around the empty campus and it's so obvious to me that the lifeblood of the program is the people.  I'm so thankful for this community, so full of life, full of God...each person a part of it by the sovereign direction and leading of the Lord.  I'm aware that this year's school, these people, and these moments together are precious once-in-a-lifetime gifts from God.  It's clear to me today, standing around with Jessie the camp dog, and an empty campground, that my focus needs to be to not ever take one of these days God has given us together for granted.

Many of our students are still looking for additional tuition money to finish the school.  Quarter 3 payment is due Jan 3.  Pray for God's provision, and if you feel lead to be a part of it, let me

merry christmas