God's Economy...wonderfully different from ours!

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God's economy works differently from the New York Stock Exchange...right now I'm glad for that.  This week I've had the interesting perspective to sit and see two different economies fluctuate drastically at the same time.  As the world markets tank, and all of our investment accounts shed whatever earnings the year had produced, I've seen God flood our school with finances.  It's been a weird week...and I'm trying not to miss what God is trying to teach me through it.

To the markets first.  I came to work yesterday and opened up my web browser to see that the dow had taken a 300 pt drop in the first hour of trading.  Having invested a little in commodities last spring I checked my portfolio...of course, with precious metals down 18% right now from last week my account looks pretty ugly...and so my heart creept closer to "FREAK OUT" territory.  Uncertainty flooded in...doubt, fear, panic...

Then, the Holy Spirit started to speak, and at least right now Im listening.  This morning God started reminding me of the week we've had financially as a school, and how He has mysteriously moved resources around to accomplish his purposes.  Here's a run down.  Early in the week I saw someone give half of their retirement account, $4000, to two of our students.  Half!  Three days ago another $3500 was given to a staff member, from someone who put themselves in a vulnerable place financially to do it.   Just today one of our students received another $2500, enough to pay their tuition for the rest of the year.

What I've seen this week is a wake-up call, and a reminder that we serve a mysterious God, who doesn't work the same way the DJIA works, and who has a way of providing for his kids that doesn't have a thing to do with the stock market, our plans, our fears, or what the number in my investment account happens to look like right now.

Seeing such radical giving seems like insanity to me...or at least the part of me that is tempted to live like there is no God.  But right now at least, in this moment of clarifying faith, I am seeing what Paul meant when he said "God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God's weakness is stronger than human strength." (1 Cor 1:25).  And with that, It makes sense to me why, in a week where so many are fearful, there are those who can give, give freely, and beyond their means....that can only come from a heart that trusts that God meant what he said when he promised that his kids were more important to Him than a bird, and that He's in control of our finances, not Ben Bernanke (Luke 12:24).

"All day long the wicked covet, but the righteous give and do not hold back."
(Proverbs 21:26)
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