Dawn Masucci in the h-iz-ouse..

Mark and Dawn Masucci
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We're pleased to have Dawn Masucci back on campus this week teaching 1 Corinthians.  Dawn is a favorite with the students every year she comes.  I'd encourage everyone to listen to her lectures on 1 Corinthians (coming this week on our audio page)...you won't regret it!  Such an amazing book!

Dawn, and her husband Mark are on staff full-time with YWAM Montana where they head up "SBS International," the organization responsible for overseeing all of the SBS schools across the world.  Dawn has also just recently begun a leadership coaching organization, "Leadership 13", which partners with ministries for a one year period of leadership training and organizational coaching.

Anyhooo...we're fired up to have Dawn here this week, she's a YWAM legend, a great personal friend, and an amazing teacher.