Architecture "Jesus Style"

Bridgett Hedrick, ESBS class of 2007
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Inside joke.  When Bridgett Hedrick was on staff with the summer program at Lurecrest her name all ran together on her name-tag and looked like "bridge.the.drick" instead of "bridgett hedrick."


In 2006-7 Bridgett was a part of the first class of ESBS students at Lurecrest.  Yesterday she showed up on the campground for the afternoon....Initially I was worried that she was coming to ask for her money back...:)

We had a great time catching up.  I wanted to share her journey since leaving the ESBS, because it illustrates why we're doing what we're real people, normal people, everyday people, the opportunity to know God through his word, knowing that they'll go out and live changed lives afterwards, no matter where they end up.

Bridgett came to the ESBS after graduating with a degree in architecture from UNCG.  It was a real step of faith for her to enroll here, and put off entering the working world and using the degree she'd just worked so hard to finish.  It was cool to see God provide an amazing job for her at an architectural firm in DC while she was a student here.  The job began almost immediately after she graduated from the ESBS.  Yeah God.

She worked there in DC for two years before enrolling in a 4 year masters of architecture program at the Univ. of Cincinatti, Ohio.  She's now in her third year of the masters program.  Now is the time where she and her colleagues match up with architecture firms for internships that usually turn into full-time jobs after graduation.  Bridgett's decided to forgo a paid internship and join a start up firm geared towards providing low cost architectural design for ministries and missions.

100 Fold Studio

I love her story.  And Im glad that the ESBS has been a small part of it.  She's finding a way to express a faithful life in an every day calling.  It's architecture "Jesus style."  Architecture for the least, the lowest, the passed over, the sick, leper and lame...given away as free as it came to us.  Her life is a part of the answer to the prayer Jesus' disciples have been praying since the beginning.  "Your kingdom come Lord, on earth as it is in heaven."