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Over the past several months we've been working hard to finish a brand new website (  We've just taken a big step closer with the addition of an "audio" page that allows you to download this year's live classroom lectures.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting EVERY CLASSROOM LECTURE FROM THIS YEAR'S SCHOOL ON OUR WEBSITE.  As we continue to progress through the Bible we'll continue to post new audio tracts until the entire Bible is covered.

The lectures are designed to equip our students with the big picture concepts needed to understand each book of the Bible.  They're great resources to accompany your own personal study of a particular book.  We hope you enjoy them.

On a different note...THANK YOU EVERYONE for contributing to the Weigel's tuition this year.  They have seen God use the ESBS community to provide for them in a big way.  Last quarter they did receive the funds necessary to continue on in the course!  They're within about $2000 now of having what they need to finish out the year.  Thanks again!