Financial need

Nathanael and Abigail Weigel
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Merry Christmas everyone!  We're quickly approaching the end of an awesome Christmas break; ready to start the Old Testament next Monday!

The students scattered to the wind for the holidays.  Daniel (our Norwegian student) went home to Norway for the break and landed in London Heathrow just in time for the snowstorm to shut the airport down completely.  He spent 70 hours in the terminal.  Ouch.

As we return from break we do have one pressing financial need that I'd like you to pray for and be aware of.  Nathanael and Abigail Weigel (married couple from Virginia..last week I mentioned that Nathanael has just been accepted to med. school for the fall) are in need of about $1800 in tuition for next quarter (DUE JAN 10).  Lets pray that God provides the funds they need to continue on in the program. They are both model students, they add a ton to our community, and I feel confident that they're supposed to continue on with us.  Please pray that God would provide the necessary funds.

If you'd like to contribute, just let me know via e-mail (

blessings everyone