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This is what happens when two ESBS graduates team up for life (aka...get married) and move back into the real world...wherever they end up, that place gets infected with solid Bible teaching and the grace of God.  I found the invitation below randomly on facebook yesterday.  Its an invite for University of Miami college students:  to a 7 week Bible seminar put on by two former students (David and Madison Sargent).

This is exactly what we wanted to see when we started this school.  People totally changed by Jesus, ignited with a passion for his word, out in the world sharing it with others.  Its SO COOL to see it's a copy of the invite:

"Trying to understand The Bible can be pretty intimidating. It was, after all, written by at least 40 different people in over hundreds of years of history.

Comprehending The Bible can be even further complicated by the fact that we, as UM students and 21st century scholars, are removed from the cultures in which the its texts were written by thousands of miles as well as thousands of years. 

One of the things that is helpful to learn The Bible is to have a basic "Big Picture" understanding of its narrative. Through seeing a broad timeline, you can evidently see God's consistency and faithfulness throughout biblical history and even see how characters and events fall into place.

As part of our passion to equip people with the knowledge and confidence it takes to study and interpret The Bible, we would like to invite you to come and survey the entire New and Old Testaments this semester. We've designed seven seminar-type discussions to objectively present the entire content of The Bible over the semester.

Our goal is that from these discussions you would be more than capable of navigating through any passage of The Bible with a sufficient understanding of the historical, cultural and literary context in which that passage was written.

This will not be an interpretation or a discussion of doctrine/theology. Rather it will be simply an overview of the content. (Our hope is that you feel more confident to make your interpretation from a better understanding of content and context.)

Here is the schedule for the discussions:

January 24 – The Formation of the Bible, Old and New Testament Survey - Constructing A Timeline

February 7 – Part 1: The Covenant of Adam, "The Fall" & The Covenant of Abraham
(Genesis 1-15)

February 21 – Part 2: Abraham’s Family Tree, The Nation of Israel is Formed in Egypt, The Exodus From Slavery & The Covenant of Law Under Moses
(Genesis 16- Deuteronomy)

March 7 – Part 3: Entering The Promised Land, Israel's Theocracy, Early Monarchy, The Promise of David & Solomon's Temple
(Joshua - 2 Samuel, Job - Ecclesiastes)

March 28 – Part 4: The Kingdom Splits, Prophets Speak of Sin, Judgement & Restoration, Babylonian Exile & Return
(Kings - Nehemiah, Isaiah - Malachi)

April 11 – Part 5: The Coming of Jesus Christ (The Last Adam), A New Covenant, The Pentecost, The Age of Tension, A new Heaven and Earth...
(Matthew - Revelation)

April 25 – Old and New Testament Survey & the book of Hebrews

May 2 - End of Semester Celebration!