Charlotte Martin is with Jesus

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Jerry and Charlotte Martin

Today Charlotte Martin ended her 16 year battle with Parkinson's disease, and she is now standing in the presence of Father God.

Jerry and Charlotte were the summer camp directors when I first came to Lurecrest as a summer staff employee in 1998.  That same summer Charlotte was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

My life will forever be different because of the ministry of Jerry and Charlotte.  Myself, my wife, and so many of my closest friends are so grateful for their service to the Lord at Lurecrest over the past 16 years.  The Martin legacy at Lurecrest lives on through the ESBS, which would not exist without Jerry's vision and drive to see the program through to what it's become today.

Let's lift up the Martin family as they walk through this difficult time.  My prayer for them today is that the reality of resurrection life would bring comfort as the grieving process begins.