Class of 2013

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class of 2013 staff and students

Our 7th class of ESBS students graduated this past Saturday!  7 years of ESBS, 7 graduates....must be a "God" thing (the number 7 in ancient Hebrew culture symbolized God's sovereign interaction, presence, guidance).  We have definitely felt God's presence with us this year.  It was still a great year, and as much as ever we saw God mold us all together as a family.  These students formed a bond that was as close as any I've seen.  They loved each other so well, and I know lifelong friendships were formed.  I thank God for that...oh yeah, and we learned a little about the Bible/God's character along the way too :)

Currently we have 6 students planning on studying with us this coming fall.  We are solidly in the middle of "application season," and there is continued new interest popping up regularly.  Pray with us that God sends just the right group for August.  We are all excited to start another journey though the Bible!

Summer staffing update: (what everyone is up to)

Caleb...leading worship at Camp Lurecrest
Todd...driving the ski boat for Lurecrest, spending one month in South Dakota with the Hays
Tom...speaking 3 weeks at summer camp, putting a new roof on his house
Ellen...working in Colorado with her family's construction business
Cheryl Anne...program director at Camp Lurecrest

blessings, and thank you all for supporting what God is doing here at the ESBS!  This is a fantastic calling to share together!  It is SO SO valuable!