ESBS Development

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Recently it's been clear to me that one of our biggest needs is a focussed development strategy that will help us take the ESBS to the next level in a few key areas:

1)  marketing to recruit new students
2)  fundraising for staff and special projects
3)  increased attention to staff care and personal development
4)  continued development of the on-campus community life

Having the mental space to focus on these goals is in some way a luxury only afforded to a program that is otherwise running smoothly from day to day.  We're there thanks to a great staff.  It's also important to have outside people invested in the program who are able to contribute their own time and skills to move things forward.

Recently we've been blessed with Iman Green, who has agreed to spearhead all of our development projects.  She's currently putting together a team of other volunteers who are taking on specific projects to move the ministry forward in key areas.  Exciting things are already happening:  David and Madison Sargent are putting together an alumni organization, Sarah Pay is working on a new brochure and marketing materials, several church's have scheduled day long seminars and Bible overviews.  I'm hopeful that the roots of the ministry will grow deeper in this season of focussed care.

If you have vision and time to help us move forward with these development goals feel free to contact us and we can talk about specifics.  The ESBS needs your help to become everything God intends it to be.

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