Julia has Mono

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For the past 3 weeks Julia has had a hard time getting out of bed.  10 days ago she developed a fever of 101-102 and it has yet to break.  Last week she was on her way to the doctor when Cheryl Anne suggested that she get a blood test for Mono.  She did, and she tested positive.

The good news is that we know what's happening to her body.  I can't imagine being 3 weeks into this and still wondering what in the world is going on.  I'm thankful that Cheryl Anne heard from the Lord and acted upon it.  It's definitely put an end to the mystery around what's happening to Julia's body.  The bad news is that most days Julia doesn't feel well enough to get out of bed.  She feels terrible, she's had a high fever for over 10 days, and she is losing weight and having trouble eating.  Needless to say I'm concerned, and eager to see some improvement.

We need your prayers.  And we believe that they make a difference.

Pray that God would remove this Mono virus from her body.  Pray that no one else in the family gets sick.  Pray that her fever goes away today, and that her appetite returns; that she's able to keep her lungs clear of fluid and that her internal organs aren't inflamed by this virus.

We appreciate your prayers, and we're thankful that we're walking through this with the support of the ESBS/Lurecrest community.