Making Disciples

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As I've mentioned several times before, one of the tangible rewards of running a program like this is looking over the shoulders of graduates as they go out into "all the world" and pass on what they've gotten here at the ESBS.

Seeing this kind of thing happen reminds me that what we're doing here is not just about's about the growth of the Kingdom of God in people and places who at this very moment don't have any idea about what, or who is soon to be headed into their world.  I've seen this firsthand in my own life.  After graduating from YWAM's SBS program I returned to college, where I met an 18 year old freshman who sat behind me in trigonometry class.  Weeks turn into months, he got saved, got sucked into a Bible study at my house, and is now a huge supporter of the ESBS.

The "mustard seed" grows, one life at a time.

It's happening right now multiple time over in the lives of former students.  I wanted to share two more examples I've been made aware of recently:

1)  Evan Hays (2012) now living near Rapid City South Dakota, is teaching a sunday school class on "God's redemptive plan through the Old Testament."  taking a different book each sunday and giving a basic overview.  Can you think of a more perfect class for an ESBS grad to be leading!...the mustard seed grows.

2)  Rich Lang (2012) has just been hired as an interim pastor at a church in Minnesota, and is currently teaching through a multiple week Inductive Bible Study overview...and so solid Bible teaching invades a pulpit somewhere in small-town USA...and the mustard seed grows.