Subscribe in a readerThis week Mark Masucci is teaching the book of Romans.  Mark's been a regular guest lecturer here since we began the school in 2006.  Typically he teaches Romans in the fall and Matthew in the spring.  He's an incredibly gifted and trained teacher, and he's someone I look up to tremendously.  He's been teaching in an SBS environment for 15 + years and has recently completed his Masters of Biblical Studies from Regent (Vancouver BC).

Mark and his wife Dawn live in Montana and oversee the SBS International Project.  SBS International is responsible for ensuring that the various SBS locations across North America (of which we are one) have the resources they need to run doctrinally and logistically sound schools.

The book of Romans is often a life changer for many of our students.  After seeing the impact Galatians (a similar letter) had two weeks ago I'm excited to see what God will do with this awesome book.  It's pretty cool to think that TODAY someone in this classroom will probably learn something that will forever change the way they look at God, themselves, or their world.  What a powerful thing to be a part of.