Galatians...the gospel of freedom!

Subscribe in a reader This is Daniel.  He's 22 and comes to us all the way from Norway.  He was the first student to sign up for this years school, and has been planning to do this program since October of last year.  We're so excited he's here.

The past few books have been huge for him, and the lights are really coming on in his heart as he begins to see more clearly the implications of the gospel of grace.  The reality of the finished work of Jesus on his behalf, that sets him free from the burden of having to earn God's love through any good deed that he does, has really been sinking in.

Just today he was excited to tell me that "Galatians is really making sense," which is a big deal, because its a difficult book to understand, and he's hearing it in his second language.  He specifically mentioned to me today how cool it was that the promise God made to Abraham (1800 BC) had something to do with Jesus (Galatians 3:6-10, 16)...which means, among many other things, that even in the OT the implications of grace were in play, and that God was saving people in the OT through faith/grace not through law keeping...this is a huge revelation, and just one of the many gold nuggets to be found within Galatians.