moving forward

Subscribe in a reader  Today the students begin their fifth book, Mark.  They're now finished with what we call the "seminar phase" of the program, and they're ready to start building their own "chart style" commentary on each book, using the inductive Bible study skills they've learned over the past three weeks. The past three weeks have been lecture intensive, with classes everyday morning and evening.  The lecture pace slows now to three mornings a week, giving the students time to study through the content of the book on their own.

So far I'm really pleased with what Im seeing in the students.  They're all very mature, and they all seem driven to discover the text for themselves.  It's such a privilege to be a part of the discipleship history of such amazing people.  It's going to be a very good year.

Looking forward we ALREADY HAVE AN INTERESTED STUDENT FOR 2011!  Last week we had an evening lecture on the historical background of the new testament era.  The lecture includes a skit on Greek culture.  I invited everyone I could think of.  One girl in particular, who came with a former Lurecrest staff member (Iman), was really impressed with the program and is interested enough to come back next week for a more formal campus visit.  She's in her mid 20's, working professionally, in ministry with Young Life, and totally excited about the opportunity to study the Bible like this.  Meeting people like her confirms afresh that what we're doing here, what YOU ARE INVESTING IN HERE is TOTALLY WORTH IT! and TOTALLY UNIQUE, and it's a wonderful reminder that there are folks out there who would absolutely LOVE to do a program like this!  We need to simply pray that God would continue to send the right ones our way.