We're in our second week now

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We're in our second week of the school now.  Tomorrow we will finish our second book (Philippians).  We call the first three weeks of the school the "seminar phase."  During these weeks we have class in the morning and the evening, spending lots of time together in a lecture environment learning the basics of inductive Bible study.  It's a challenging three weeks for the students, as they're having to learn a lot of new concepts in a short period of time, as well as adjust to the workload of the program, which typically exceeds there expectations.

I'm happy to report that all 7 of our students are doing really well.  I can say honestly that I feel better about these 7 students right now than I have about any group we've had thus far.  I have totally been impressed with the caliber of people we've been given to disciple this year.  All 7 of these folks are totally motivated to be here and they're all excited to do this well.  I've seen some things in this years class that I've never seen before: like students helping other students understand and complete assignments once they've already completed their own assignment.  I'm impressed with how well they all get along, and with how well they include each other in extra-curricular activities.  So far Im very pleased.

As a point of prayer please pray that God would continue to bond us all together, and that he would continue to give the students excitement and motivation to press on with the work.  Also pray that God would begin to reveal truth to the students in powerful and life-changing ways as they begin to study these books on their own.