The Book of Joshua

This week we've had the privilege of hearing from Dr. David Hansen about the book of Joshua!
Each day we've continued to unpack the text from an archeological prospective, and it's always amazing to look at the conquest and promise land from a new lens.

We as a school have also tried to make a greater impact in the community around us, and this week we had a number of visitors from surrounding local churches!  There were 29 students in our classroom this morning, enjoying the Joshua lectures.

Our heart is that every person would be transformed by the Word of God, and it's always great to see people's eyes opened to the Scriptures.

We also wanted to highlight our wonderful staff Ellen Stark!
She is currently in Venesula teaching Ephesians & Philippians. 
For those of you that don't know, Ellen grew up in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. It's so incredible to see how God is using her to further the Kingdom!
For more pictures of her journey, check out her FACEBOOK page!

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