Todd & Anna Lauren are engaged!

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Todd begging Anna Lauren to have mercy 

We're happy to announce that two members of our ESBS family got engaged over the weekend!

Todd Livingston (current ESBS staff) and Anna Lauren Schumpert (ESBS student 2012-13) met during last year's ESBS, and began dating last summer.  This fall Anna Lauren will be finishing up her degree at Auburn while Todd begins a student ministry internship at a church in Mississippi.  We're sad to be losing them both, but so excited for their plans and life together!  Todd and Anna Lauren both love youth ministry, and they'll have a big impact in that area in the upcoming season of their new life together.

I think anyone who was a student with Anna Lauren last year would vouch for the fact that she and Todd make a pretty perfect match.  She's in a select group of people on planet earth who can go head to head with Todd in two key categories... #1) pop culture relevant to the average 13 year old girl (I love making fun of Todd for this one)….and #2) college sports statistics.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two will enjoy many years of Monday night football together and that they will one day become the loudest parents at their little league baseball games.

Their story, and their future life together, is also a great reminder of the power and scope of the Kingdom of God. They both came to ESBS to learn the Bible, but God's agenda for their time here was bigger than a program, a location, a school or curriculum.  Seeing Todd and Anna Lauren get together, and knowing the abundant life thats in store for them encourages me to not measure the impact of the ESBS in spreadsheets, quantify it in a budget, or qualify it in a by-law.  Those things are all necessary, but God is always up to something else, something truly "Holy"…in the sense that it can come only from Him…and no human mind could have ever planned it or made it come to pass.  He's unpredictable, and that's simultaneously the most fun AND the scariest thing about being caught up in His story.