ESBS welcomes two new students for the Old Testament!

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Taylor Wilsie and Abigail Buckman, new students starting this quarter

This semester we are joined by two new students, Abigail Buckman and Taylor Wilsie.  Abigail was a students in 2012 and had to withdraw from the program after the New Testament to undergo brain surgery.  Now a year later, she is well and she's returned to complete the course!  We're so excited to have her back!

Taylor Wilsie is Julia Phillips' cousin, and comes to us from Jacksonville Florida.  He's the first ESBS student we've ever had who is beginning in the Old Testament.  Taylor has been with us since November, and has been working on his own to get up to speed with the inductive Bible study method, and he now joins the class as a full-time student starting this week as we begin Genesis.

We have an exciting quarter in store with 5 guest lecturer's lined up (David Hansen, Jon Black, Cam and Kaari Speer, Evan Hays) and a late January surprise for the students!  It's going to be a great 2014!