Chris Lautsbaugh teaches Galatians

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Chris Lautsbaugh teaching Galatians this week

This week we were excited to welcome Chris Lautsbaugh for several days of lecture through the book of Galatians.  Chris is a 15 year veteran of the SBS program within YWAM, and currently heads up the SBS department in Muizenbrug South Africa.

Four years ago Chris felt a challenge from God to become a part of what he recognized as a fresh and growing discussion within Christianity on the subject of grace.  Recently Chris has released a book on the subject, entitled "Death of the Modern Superhero:  How Grace Breaks our Rules."  The book investigates how the radical truth of the gospel of grace turns our western performance based acceptance culture upside-down, showing us that Christianity, at its core, diverges from our culture, and  other major religions, with the radical truth that it is God himself who accomplished the work to make us acceptable to Him:  something we could never have done ourselves.

Check the book out, and investigate Chris' regular blog site on the subject of grace: