Praying for Abigail Buckman

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Today one of this year's ESBS students (Abigail Buckman) is undergoing brain surgery to correct a smaller than normal brain stem that has been putting pressure on the lower part of her brain.  The goal of the surgery is to open up the brain stem area enough to allow the brain to properly fit within that space without pinching.

Currently, the pinching on Abigail's brain has been causing all sorts of unusual and worsening symptoms.  Surgery, although invasive, promises immediate relief and the outlook for permanent improvement is strong.

Please pray with us today.  Pray that Abigail's body recovers quickly.  Pray that the brain is protected in  the surgery.  Pray that the relief of symptoms is immediate and permanent.

As she begins the recovery process today we are hopeful that one day she will again join us at the ESBS as a student.