"Sarah Pay Design" is Awesome...just saying

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this banner is 7 ft tall..

A few months ago we began a focused campaign to get in touch with some resources that will help the school put its best foot forward in front of potential applicants.  As a part of that project Sarah Pay, a Charlotte based graphic designer, and longtime friend of the camp, agreed to do all kinds of cool and free work for the school.  She's cranking out creative stuff left and right and it all looks awesome.  In the past week we've armed ourself with a brand new promo brochure, a promo banner, and new letterhead....uh huh...that's right, I said letterhead.

Thank you Sarah!  And thank you Iman for running point on this and so many other new endeavors.

Check out what Sarah's up to here

As part of our continued development plan we're also looking for someone with video skills to help us with a 3 minute promotional short.  If you're the one, or if you know someone who should be we'd love to talk and make it happen.