ESBS Thanksgiving

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Yesterday evening we celebrated thanksgiving with the students.  Our thanksgiving break begins Wednesday after 1 John is due.

We're almost done with the NT now, and as we all sat around the table yesterday one student said "I'm really thankful for how we have grown together as a community recently, and how close of a group we are becoming."  I second that, and it is clear to me that the students have really begun to bond as a family.

In many ways the community aspect of things here is the best part of the program.  Another student said last night that this was the first community they've been a part of where they've seen authentic Christianity lived out meaningfully.  What a cool thing to hear a student say!  It makes me thankful for the caliber of staff we have here, and for the grace of God, which not only saves us, but empowers us to change too (Titus 2:11-12).