Scott Pitts: the cannon of scripture

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Today it's time once again for Scott Pitts (a 5-year, veteran staff member with the ESBS) to give his annual lecture on the "cannon of scripture." The lecture takes the students on a 2 hour whirlwind tour through the history surrounding how the 66 books in our Bible were written, preserved, and finally included in our cannon.

Last year's lecture is available right now on our website under the audio tab: (link below)

This special evening lecture exists as part of our curriculum because Scott studied for it, prepared for it, and has a passion to give it.  It's extra, it's awesome, and its just another one of many examples of just how deep the bench is at the ESBS from a staffing perspective.  We are blessed to have some real Bible studs on staff, and Scott is at the top of that list.

scott preparing to teach the cannon lecture

scott with his crazy timeline on the board