listen up stup"e"d

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when I was like 11 years old my friend and I were riding our bikes around the neighborhood when we ran across some wet concrete.  SWEET!.  the hidden Rembrandt comes out in me so quickly when given the chance to immortalize my creative energies on the sidewalk.  After our masterpiece was finished my friend signed our art project by writing "stupid"...but managed to spell "stupid" incorrectly in the process (wrong vowel...he used an "e") forever declaring on the sidewalk that the hastily created image was in fact a self portrait...ha.

Anyway, he's not the first one to be a little thick in the head..  We all get that way, and sometimes I feel bad for God about how hard it is to get through to us.  Every now and then he does, and its encouraging.  I wanted to share one with you that happened yesterday:

Two days ago while driving into work I felt that little voice inside my head say "turn off NPR and listen up..I want to talk to you."  Normally I tune that out, but not this time.  Then the thoughts started flowing:  you know those thoughts: the ones that you're not sure about...whether they're God..whether they're just you.  Anyway, during that time I had the thought "check the contact links on your website to make sure they work."  When I got to work I found out that for about a month the links had been dead, and that anyone trying to contact the school in that time wouldn't have reached us.  Luckily (wrong word to use) no one had tried.

Fast-forward 24 hours.  Yesterday morning when I got to work I had an e-mail in my inbox from that corrected link.  It was from a brand new student inquiry for next year.  The first one that I've gotten from that link in several months.  A day earlier I wouldn't have gotten it.  Uh huh...get 'er done God!

so the lesson of the day for me is:  "Listen up stup(e)d" attention, God is in control, he's got something to say to you today, and everyone is better off if you'll listen.