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God continues to break things wide open in the lives of the students in this year's class.  I'm so encouraged by what God is doing.  In many ways the curriculum/study/lecture/classroom stuff etc. is just a backdrop for the real business God does in the hearts of each student as they experience what I would call "real christianity"...that is, a community of people who don't pretend to be someone they aren't...who don't ignore real issues/conflict and struggles...and who at the end of the day strive to look at each other through the redemptive lense of the gospel.

I love that about this school, and I continually hear from students that they've not experienced a community quite like this one before.  I'm sad to hear that, but I'm also thankful that God is helping us create an atmosphere here of authentic christianity...real life...and real fellowship.

I'd encourage everyone to get to know our students more intimately through reading their weekly blog posts.  There is a link to the blog page at the bottom of our school web-page...or just click here