We're Baaaaaaaaaack

the staff (left to right)...Roz, Scott, Tom, Todd, Cheryl Anne
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Today the ESBS began its 6th year as the staff returned for the first day of staff training.  With just two weeks now before classes start, we're all pretty excited to meet the students and start the journey through the Bible.  It's hard to believe that this is our 6th year...and it' going to be a great one.  We have 13 students preparing to come, an amazing list of guest lecturers lined up, and Julia and Roz are going on Friday to buy a cow (frozen...:)..

Anyway, God is good to let us be a part of this for another year...look for lots of exciting things happening soon.  We'll be opening up our classroom for some amazing special lectures throughout the year.  As usual, all our audio lectures will be going on our website...we have a world class biblical archaeologist coming for a week...and the pontoon boat is fixed now...awesome...I love my job.