class of 2011

Laura, Brent, Cheryl Anne,  Dave, Katie, John, Daniel, Todd, Nathanael, Abby, Shelby, Grace, Carla, Luke Julia, Tom, Scott (left to right)
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Last Saturday we celebrated with the class of 2011 as they finished their marathon through the Bible.  We changed the schedule up this year and gave the students three days at the end to just hang out and unwind...good decision...we had a great week just being together.  This year has been amazing in so many ways, and the students finished well.  Hard to believe that year 5 is over!  When we started the school the Lurecrest leadership asked me for a 5 year I guess its time for me to buy a sailboat and move to the Bahamas:  my work here is done.  ( kidding...this job pays way too well...Im holding out a little longer...:)