mark masucci

mark masucci 
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This past week we were totally fired up to have Mark Masucci with us wrapping up the year with a solid series on the gospel of Matthew.  Matthew's gospel is a masterful look at Jesus as the fulfillment of Israel's story, and teaching it well requires a thorough understanding of the story of the Bible, both NT and OT.

Mark brings 20 years of teaching experience in the SBS program, as well as a masters degree in Biblical studies from Regent Seminary in Vancouver.  He's a Bible master, and the perfect person to bring this book home for the students.

Mark's Matthew lectures are available on our website.  You'll be hard pressed to find better teaching on the gospel of Matthew anywhere online...also check out Mark's special lecture on "the use of the OT in the NT"...found under our special lectures tab on the audio page.  Take your understanding of how the NT authors used the OT to make sense of the life and ministry of Jesus to a whole new level with these great audio resources.  We're happy to provide them to you free of charge...hey but nothing beats being here in person...which by the way if you're interested in doing now is the time to let us know...we are almost full for next year!