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We're 7 weeks from the end of this year's program.  I can hear the cheers coming from the student dorm from here.  We have such an incredible group of people here this year.  It's easy to lead a group of all-stars like this, and I for one am going to miss this group a ton.

Interest for next year's program continues to grow.  Currently for 2011-12 we have about 15 staff/students/spouses (not including children) who are planning on being here.  We also have a solid pool of people still somewhere in the question asking/application process.  Needless to say, 2011-12 is looking like it will be a somewhat larger community than we've had in the past, and we're excited about what that will look like.

In the meantime though God isn't finished with our current community. The students here this year have achieved a level of mature, gospel centered openness with each other than I've not seen before.  I continue to maintain that there is no better way to change someone's life forever than to bring them face to face with every page of scripture in 9 months.  I'm so thankful to be a part of this program, and I hope we get to do this forever.  (we'll maybe not FOREVER, but at least for a very log time).