skype teachings

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Over the past several years the advent of real time video conferencing online (through programs like skype and ichat) has literally opened the world up to the ESBS.  

Last week Eileen Hartzler, who now lives in Thailand, came rushing back into our classroom at 8:30 in the morning larger than life on a video screen and taught three hours of lecture on the book of Judges live online through skype.  The technology allows the student to interact with her on the big screen just as they would if she were in the classroom live.  She did a great job.  Thank you Eileen!

Also this week Tom is teaching 14 hours of classes on the book of Romans for a YWAM Bible Core Course in Townsville Australia...all online through skype.  

When we started the ESBS in 2006 part of the vision for the school was that it would be a launching pad...for people, and for the gospel.  It's cool to see that happening, and thank you silicon valley for making it possible to connect solid live Bible teaching in Lake Lure, Thailand and Australia all in the same week...and without a single airport body scan.