Journaling through a Psalm

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Today Katie introduced a way to engage with the Psalms that really blessed me.  I wanted to share it with you.  We took 45 minutes and journaled through Psalm 51's how you can do it:

1)  find a quiet place...take a pen, journal, Bible
2)  read one stanza (usually several verses), think about the verses for a minute, internalizing them (this is Bible meditation)
3)  re-write the stanza in your own words....praying it back to God as you write it out...let the psalmist's prayer become your prayer, but in your own words
4)  continue to write out your prayers as anything else comes to mind...things beyond what the stanza may say
5)  move on to the next stanza...

This changed my heart today...pointed me towards God's heart...time well spent.