meet brent

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Meet Brent and Laura Brooks.  Brent's one of our 7 students this year.  He's also our first student ever to commute to the program, and not live here residentially.

Two years ago Brent audited a good chunk of the Old Testament here at the ESBS while continuing to manage his log home restoration business in the area (  He had such a positive experience that he decided to try and do the entire school this year on a full-time basis.

Brent and his wife Laura live about 15 minutes from the camp.  We met at the local church we both attend.  He's a marine corps vet, dog lover, volkswagen micro bus owner, mountain biker, and he was rooting hard for Ron Paul in the '08 election...what else can I say...Brent's an interesting guy and we're glad he's here.

Brent's interested in teaching the Bible long-term.  I'd love to see him help out here next year on some level.  He's also on the board of a grade school in Colombia (south america) and we're currently working on getting our ESBS resources translated into spanish so that he can teach Inductive Bible study there too.