Praying through the Psalms

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I'd like to use this blog to introduce you to the various aspects of the school that you may not already be aware of.  Here's one:

Each week we take 45 minutes in the morning to pray through a Psalm together.  The Psalms are raw and honest snapshots of the human condition.  They're full of emotional expressions to God, and they're wonderful examples of how to come to God honestly and openly with your feelings/fears/joys/sorrows etc. and then, through reflection on God's character, pray yourself into a place of peace and fellowship with Him thats rooted in His steadfast character.

Praying through a Psalm is a great way to have a devotional "quiet time" with God.  Essentially this is what we're training the students to do through this aspect of the school.  We want them to be able to use the Bible devotionally as well as academically.  Each week this time blesses lifts my eyes off of my own difficulties, and onto a Holy, awesome, unchanging God.