Biblical Literacy Seminars

Emmaus partners with the vision of local churches and ministries to see every believer equipped with essential tools to engage their Bible. The Biblical Literacy Seminars consist of:

  • Why the Bible Matters Find out why the Bible is essential to the life of a follower of Christ.

  • Bible Overview Understand the history of God and His people from beginning to end.

  • How to Study the Bible Learn how to observe, interpret & apply the Scriptures for yourselves. (IBS)

These courses are delivered directly to the local church either in the context of seminars or retreats, and are designed with the participating community in mind.



Emmaus Ministries desires to see the hearts of all-believers captivated with the unveiled scriptures as they learn read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them. We desire to equip the whole Body of Christ with the word of God through teaching & training seminars for churches, small groups, and any community who seeks to know their bible. Want to know more about our seminars? How do we study? What does a seminar look like? Click below.



Churches interested in having a retreat for their congregation hosted by Emmaus at Canterbury Retreat Center may book either one of the following available retreats: How to read your Bible (IBS) or Biblical Narrative Retreat (Why the Bible Matters and Bible Overview).