Meet the Staff: Sarah


Sarah Wise has been on staff with Emmaus for the past 3 years. After Graduating from Asbury Seminary Sarah (along with her husband, Kris) was ready to go anywhere in the world to serve Jesus. Imagine their surprise when they felt the call to stay home and serve King Jesus right here in Oviedo! Today we sit down with Sarah to learn more about her!

So Sarah tell me, what do you do around here?

Boring things I oddly find exciting like quickbooks, financial reports and board meetings. And exciting things I find life giving like teaching in the classroom, giving seminars, meeting one-on-one with students and hosting a discussion group called "Tea & Topics."

What is your favorite part of your Job?

Teaching hands down is my favorite part of the job. Being a life-long learner, it helps to have times when I get to intentionally and indepthly study books of the bible for the sake of teaching. The best way to learn a book is to teach it. The neat part also is to reteach books of the bible. You get to see scripture in a new way each time you teach it. It is one thing to say that scripture is living, and another to experience the reality of that statement when you see it apply in new ways each year.

When did you know God was calling you to be a part of Emmaus?

I knew that I wanted to be on staff when I went to a community dinner at Tom Phillip's (prior to joining staff officially) and felt like I was home. It was over dinner and prayer that night, where I recognized the group of people surrounding me were connected with a shared mission that brought us together as a team of families, not just individuals. It felt like a breath of fresh air to gather with Christians who cared passionately about living authentic, Christ-following, and self-sacrificing lives. I was always interested in the mission of Emmaus, but what compelled me to join was the community I experienced there.

Which Bible Character would you want to get coffee with?

I'm torn. I wanted to say John the Baptist at first. The one who said "I must become less, so that he can become more." Those are powerful words that humbly accepted Jesus ministry as greater than his own, and yet still struggled with that identity. I get that kind of experience. My second thought was Mary, sister of Martha. The one who stayed at Jesus' feet to listen to the teaching. The one who, with tears in her eyes, desperately sought God to ask "Where is my Lord." Genesis (and really lots of the Old Testament) is full of God asking humans "where" are you, but here, the woman who's life had been so radically altered, asks it of God. Her story also resonates with me. That she got to be the first witness to the resurrection is just icing on the cake. So lets say that my final answer is Mary, sister of Martha.

What was your favorite Christian Song to Jam out to growing up?

Funny enough, my first thought (likely because of its relevance) was the song that goes "The B.I.B.L.E. Yes that's the book for me. I stand alone on the word of God. The B.I.B.L.E!"

Why Emmaus?

Prior to joining the staff here at Emmaus, I worked as a teaching and research assistant at Asbury Theological Seminary. While I loved the academic environment there, I missed the one-on-one nature of discipleship which I grown to love during my time in college and para-church ministry. There is something transformative about the intersection between the head and heart. I love the nerdy academic side of diving into the world of the ancient near east and 1st century Judaism, but to learn and teach about it, without interacting with people wrestling with the significance the scripture in the here and now, doesn’t quite satisfy my teaching itch. My family likes to say that we are called to equip others, grow disciples and serve our community, and we know, without a doubt, that the best way we can do all three of those is here at Emmaus.

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