Room Renovations

Most of the time being on staff with Emmaus means teaching, grading, and maybe cooking or having a one-on-one with a student. It's full of awesome things and the only reason you would ever do it (in our minds at least) is because you feel called by God, and you love it!

But sometimes being on staff with Emmaus means doing things that aren't in the job description.

The last two weeks we have begun renovating the five rooms that we will be using for this coming fall. By the end of next week 4/5 of the rooms will be complete! We tore out the carpet, scraped the floors, painted the room, and put down brand new flooring and trim! 

Take a look!

Before renovations began

It's not every day you get to rip stuff...especially carpet...

Scraping up excess carpet glue...stuff...

Painting, painting, painting...

Caleb putting down matting for the floor

Tom Roberts putting in our new wood flooring for us!

Tom: "This is how it's going to work from now on..."
Trey: "Good deal..."

A special thanks to Kelly for getting us a GREAT deal on the flooring!

Here's the was a little limited at the time so we had to get creative with where to paint it...

The bad news? We all got a little grumpy throughout the process. Props to Caleb for sticking it out with a migraine one day!
The good news? Nobody died either by accident or by the hands of a fellow staff member...

Just kidding! But seriously, the rooms are looking fantastic and we couldn't have done any of it without Tom Roberts! 

We are so excited at the prospect of filling these rooms with new students this August! We will post more pictures of the finished rooms once the new bunk beds are in place!

*Note: If you would like to give to our general fund to help us pay for these gorgeous rooms our students will live in, please visit our website here:

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