We continue to have a great year at the ESBS.  Next week we'll enjoy having David and Carolyn Hansen with us as we study the geography and culture of the promised land.  We've opened the week up to the community and we've been overwhelmed with the response.  Our classroom is going to be very full, and Im so excited!  There are over 500 retirees in Lake Lure, and Ive often wanted to do more to open our curriculum up to those interested right in our community.  This coming week is a trial run in that direction, and Im excited about how God may use the ESBS in this new way in the future.

In other news, we just returned from our annual retreat to the beach.  We had a great time, and the weather was amazing.  We have such an amazing group of students this year...but none of them can seem to beat Caleb at tennis!

Alongside all the activity with this year's school, we still continue to move forward with exciting plans for our new location this fall.  We'll be announcing specifics soon.  We're so excited about our new place, its a beautiful property, with amazing views and charming buildings.  A perfect place to spend 9 months studying the Bible!

more details coming soon!